How to Cook Wagyu

Before cooking the A5 Wagyu, place the meat out on the countertop to bring it up to room temperature, and pat dry. 

Then season lightly with salt and pepper (you can sprinkle salt and pepper after as well, to your preference). 

After, heat the pan to medium high or high heat and use olive oil to heat the pan thoroughly (the pan should start to smoke). 

Most importantly, sear both sides of the A5 Wagyu for about 1-2 minutes each. It should have a golden brown crust while staying juicy and tender on the inside. 

Lastly, the steak should rest for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoy the experience!

Complimenting A5 Wagyu

A5 Wagyu is a high quality of meat that can be thoroughly enjoyed by itself.

However, there are ways to enhance the experience by dipping into:

Pinch of Sea Salt

Soy Sauce and Wasabi

Yakiniku Sauce

Pan-Fried Garlic (slices)