What is Wagyu Beef?

The literal meaning of Wagyu is “Japanese Cow,” and all Wagyu Beef comes from that single strain of cattle. The special care and breeding produce premium quality meat sought after by meat connoisseurs across the globe. Known for its intensive marbling and the melting buttery sensation of each bite, all Japanese Wagyu Beef is uniquely tagged with an ID number that reveals important details such as its breed, gender, and even place of birth. The cattle are graded on a scale of A1 to A5 (A5 being the highest quality). These grades are made by examining the marbling, color, fat, firmness, and texture. 

Wagyu Health Benefits

When it comes to marbling, fat is by and large considered unhealthy. However, the fat content (monounsaturated fat) in Wagyu beef is actually quite healthy. It contains fatty acids that have omega-3 and omega-6, believed to lower the risk of diabetes and certain other diseases. These fatty acids not only help with health but are the very thing that brings out the flavor! Wagyu beef also has tons of protein and other nutrients that truly embolden the quality of this most flavorful cut of meat.

Wagyu Beef Taste

Wagyu Beef is known for its buttery, yet firm texture that exercises the “umami” region of the eater’s taste buds. Because of the meat’s high percentage of marbling, the flavor is vibrant and beefy. This marbling and the quality of the cattle create a unique experience that can’t be achieved with any other cut of beef. The meat is so flavorful on its own that it scarcely needs seasoning. However, it’s never wrong to complement the Wagyu with various vegetables and sauces to enhance the overall experience.